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  • Pools by Snyder LLC is the Lehigh Valley's premier pool installation and pool maintenance company with over 40 years experience and thousands of satisfied customers throughout the Lehigh Valley and Northeastern Pennsylvania.

    We build and maintain pools. Plain and simple. Using the highest quality products and materials. Delivered by our own team of in-house specialists with years of proven success.

    If you can envision a refreshing oasis that adds to the beauty of your home, and reflects your personality, we can make it a reality.
    Family owned and operated for over 40 years Jeff Snyder has been constructing pools in the Lehigh Valley and Northeastern Pennsylvania area for over 40 years, establishing Pools By Snyder LLC with his brother in 1971. A life-long resident of Allentown, Jeff is also a competitive bodybuilder, earning the prestigious Masters Olympia Award from the International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness (IFBB), the highest level of competitive bodybuilding in the world.

    But don't be intimidated by Jeff's awesome stature…customer's often comment on Jeff's kind and friendly nature. And you can be sure that the focus, intensity and determination Jeff brings to the sport of bodybuilding is visible in his work and business ethics, resulting in a sincere dedication to build the best pools possible for his customers.

    In-house crews/company-owned equipment Many pool builders use sub contactors and rent excavators, backhoes, trucks and other equipment on a project-by project basis. That means that the progress of your build is reliant on someone else's schedules and plans. And ownership of the overall project? That's always in question when you have different teams, doing different work, on different days.

    Pools By Snyder uses their own in-house work crews, and owns all the equipment. This results in a project that stays on schedule and budget. And a single team of workers dedicated to make sure your expectations are exceeded.

    Quality products at great prices
    • Cardinal Pools and equipment
    • Lifetime warranty on steel
    • 3' steel bracing incased in concrete
    • Permanent hard sand/cement bottoms
    • 27 or 30mil liners
    • (2) 18" wide skimmers
    • Powerful 1.5HP Filtration system
    • Pentair diatomaceous earth filters
    • Salt generator treatment systems
    • Specialized concrete services
    • 3/8" steel rebar mat in deck and sidewalk
    • Choice of lights/features

    Thousands of satisfied customers Call 610.439.8315 for testimonials and references.

    Limitless options to fit most budgets Call 610.439.8315 to discuss pool design options or set-up a consultation.

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